Lenght: 27 min
Copyright: Alberto Cima

Direction, screenplay, cinematography, editing: Alberto Cima

The syllabary of Paola Ratti evokes the history and origins of the painter, takes us into the heart of the plain of Brescia, between the districts of Orzinuovi, in Italy's rural past. Around the letters of the alphabet from the gaudy colors are articulated figurative paintings that illustrate moments, capture instants, help us to find a way, to reflect on the things that matter. The fairy tale painting is deep, seemingly simple, straightforward in dealing with the assumption, playful, humorous, humble, sweet. The imagination breathes between the mixture of dialect sounds and rhymes, laughters of children and domestic views, dreamy dimensions where the pleasure of wonder is interwoven with reality. The then child is gone. Remain red clogs, she's gone leaving behind a red thread. Behind the apple of the charm, but she looks beyond, to a new space, where further explores earth and sky.