Lenght: 25 min
Copyright: Alberto Cima

Filmed edited directed: Alberto Cima
Assistant director: Paola Ratti

Anita Fabrici, Michaela Kovalcikova, Lenka Brisiakova, Daria Fabrici, Ivana Voscinarova, Betty Simonova


A single wave pushes to a dimension of beauty and harmony,
only a wave makes vibrate and attracts into the heart of a
mystery. The tenderness of a look, the grace of an angel, the
fragility of emotions.
Kosice, Slovakia's second city, is beaded with drops of honey
that twinkle at the light and soften the life.

She was breathtakingly beautiful, a beauty so proud, virginal and wildly
accomplished, a perfect example of God's creation. The sensuality, the great force
that renews the world... Beauty is definitely a force, like heat, light or human will.
Sandor Marai (Freely adapted from "La donna giusta" Adelphi Edizioni)


Andrea Frambrosi
Only Wave is the latest, powerful work of director Alberto Cima. It is a tribute to the beauty, the flower girls in Proust, but also to Europe that will be that will be done by these girls and boys today in Kosice and elsewhere may not yet know that their beauty will save the world.