Lenght: 17 min
Copyright: Alberto Cima

Direction, screenplay, cinematography and editing: Alberto Cima.
Assistant director: Paola Ratti.

Editing digital Consultant:
Matteo Cima
Original Music: Walter Frazzi
Sabrina Castelli

Fondazione Museo del falegname Tino Sana


The Carpenters’ Museum in Almenno San Bartolomeo. The machines and tools on display in the museum are seen as if they had held on to the warmth of the hands of those who built them, working on them scrupulously and used them. The design of a wheel, a cart, a plane, a tricycle…the sounds which they made when they were used, are clues to the history of man, they are our marks and voices over the centuries.


The cut given to Mani, (Hands) , shot in the year 2000, is unusual: no voice over, a few superimposed words which supply the key for the interpretation. The Qohèlet of the Bible, time, the making, the daring, traces of self, vanity, giving, loving, ideas, fragility, words which make us understand that the jointer plane, the lathe, the carriage and all the objects of the Carpenter Museum talk to us about man, about his eternal questions, about his anxieties, his hopes.