Lenght: 29 min
Copyright: Tino Sana

Direction, screenplay, cinematography and editing: Alberto Cima.
Assistant director: Paola Ratti.

Editing digital consultant:
Matteo Cima
Original Music: Walter Frazzi
Tino Sana e familiari, Cesare Rota Nodari, Felice Gimondi.

Fondazione Museo del falegname Tino Sana

Marengù is a portrait-film which stars an extraordinary entrepreneur as its main character. Tino Sana, left an orphan when he was still a child (his father emigrated to Germany and died on the job, his mother a worker in Switzerland) grew up at the school of the great educator don Bepo Vavassori. Fallen in love with wood, which he learnt to work in the Orphanage of don Bepo, he still defines himself marengù (carpenter) even if his business counts 130 workers and he furnishes the most prestigious hotels in Europe and the most luxurious transatlantic liners of the world.