Lenght: 30 min
Copyright: Alberto Cima

Direction, screenplay, cinematography, editing: Alberto Cima
Live sounds


In London sorry and welcome, but everyone is inside his shell. And he obeys indifferent. The society divided in classes. Indians conduct minimarkets. The British superior beings. The progress inside the rules fixed by business. The private property is sacred. The owner and his slaves watch. Every corporation, company or luxurious shop has one or more employess that watch, control, spy. At the British Library I counted 50 of them. You can't enter any reading room without pass. Policemen and firm sneaks turn me away as soon as I get ready to shoot. Everything belongs to someone: only the owner can allow the use of it. Armoured town. Men in a strong room. Getting rich. Wonderful designer skyscrapers draw the boundary among the select persons and the indistinct mass of people. Empty, tame, bodies.


Alberto Castoldi
(Transcription from the video by Alberto Nacci)
Alberto Cima is a singular character, like all artists, I have never known an artist trivial, and that goes also for him. But while others describe him as a difficult, harsh personality, at least some have described me this way, actually I found him a lovely personality. First of all he's full of sense of humour, which is something I appreciate so much. Humour to me means many things, sensitivity, intelligence, ability to understand the world around us. Permission is full of humour, and from this point of view I consider it the most beautiful and most original work of Alberto Cima.