Lenght: 56 min
Copyright: Alberto Cima

Direction, screenplay, cinematography, editing: Alberto Cima

Vincenzo Maniscalco

Mauro Barcellandi,
Paola Ratti, Milly Corica, Fernanda Nodari, Vincenzo Maniscalco, Edda Manenti, Mario Carraro, Antonia Taglietti.

Music selection:
Costanzo Gatta and Bruno Provezza


A young undergraduate desperately searching for a sense to life, society and himself. Trying to tune in to the secret messages radiating from a body, a look, a flower.


Pietro Bianchi
A sincere, melancholic and evocative film. A universe made of stringent words, of a humiliated and saddened people, with metaphysical questions. The love scenes denounce, beyond the euphoric agreement of the senses, the non-communicability of souls…

Luigi Serravalli
Montecatini 11 luglio 1968
The author is fascinated by a rich world of literary and cinema culture: Joyce, Becket, Bellocchio, Bernanos, Allain Robbe-Grillet. The film is full of wondrous things...

Egisto Squarci
An hour of whistling, unseemly howls, imprecations, invocations of (moral) lynching and, per contrast, manifestations of violent consent, of applauses, of positive enthusiasm: the film competition in Montecatini was divided in two by the movie L’isola by Alberto Cima, university student from Brescia.

Nino Ferrero
A grotesque appendix which surprised and filled everyone with indignation: the Italian film L’isola by Alberto Cima, told with modern and up-to-date language, censored.

Claudio Bertieri
Vetoes and censorship apply solely to a certain type of cinema: an auteur cinema which won’t be consumed with indifference, capable of disturbing, of feeling authentically free.

Bruno Brunori
The Isle will remain valuable in time as will all the works which, when they were made, anticipate times both for their language and their content.