Stanza rondini

Lenght: 45 min
Copyright: Alberto Cima

Direction, screenplay, cinematography and editing: Alberto Cima.
Assistant director: Paola Ratti.
Original music: Walter Frazzi.
Costantino Locatelli, Fulvio Manzoni, Teresa Capelli, Giovanna Locatelli, Fiorino Personeni, Ines Invernizzi, Angelo Rota, Giuseppe Invernizzi, Luciano Invernizzi.

Financed by G.A.L. Leader II with the contribution of the European Union


Franco Colombo
The Swallow's Room, with ad hoc scores by Walter Frazzi, is no consolatory and dewy film and does not present the romantic-rustic halo of “The Horse Whisperer” even if it doesn't make a mystery of the “call of nature” whose yearning echo is perceived between the flowing of the river and the rustling of the trees. It is more a problematic, faceted film, which offers various keys of interpretation.
La stanza delle rondini celebrates nature and freedom. Alberto Cima is no tourist nor elegiac-sentimental director. In his film, as in his previous Erba d'Imagna, which stirred up vivid polemic for its realism and its truth, there is the hardship of living in discomfort, neglect, poverty, privation. These are films which ought to be seen. They should be screened in schools to offer young people a mirror of life to look at which isn't – as happens, alas – deformed by the inanity of a wealth which is only made up of giddiness, selfishness and illusions.

Achille Frezzato
A “noble” story, an experienced “virile”, homage, without simulations, to the courage of being oneself, to the vitality, the human richness of people.
Cima weaves a clear and refined narrative fabric… An appropriate and composite language, dry and sober, devoted to the non hagiographic observation of the people and of their life. The choice of the shot, the solutions of the editing respond to criteria of pursued effectiveness, which represent a vision of the concepts considered important by this people: the relationship between man and nature, the relationship between fellow men, concentrating their attention on their history and on their past.