We rejoice that there is now the euro, fortunately. We are inside a supranational reality, less narrow in our backyard. But why forget? The thousand liras left us. Poor things! But when they were alive and moving, in 1992 it seemed only right to dedicate this tribute to the small sheet of paper. Let's face it, we always used them. Without shame. We have given and taken them, as we liked. And scrambled without batting an eyelid. With them we were often brutal. We took advantage because you had never heard even once a thousand liras have been avenged. Here we take the defense of them, and we approach with respect to their gentle soul. The thousand liras, when they were finally alone in the house, away from the roughness of our hands, simply manifested themselves in all freedom. And thinking of them, wrings your heart to see that while they guaranteed our life (between the useful and useless) they were silent, discreet and were consumed between wishful thinking and bitter outbursts retreats. Thanks, thousand liras!