This book is a tribute to Chance. A purely involuntary decision. In 2006 I left for Gent again and again, six times in all. I chose Gent as my destination completely by chance. I didn’t have any particular aim in mind other than to roam the country and explore. The pleasure of abandoning my senses to a completely free itinerary. Free in two respects. Well, not to exaggerate I should say: low cost. It’s great travelling cheap. You can go wild with a digital camera taking hundreds of photos. All completely free. No films to develop or print. Chance snapshots by someone who happens to turn over the page and immerse themselves in another story.
But it’s not another story. We’ve only got one life. There’s no other story or other world. It’s all here. You can forget about the differences. They’re only made strong if fear and hate make them strong. I’d like to bury all weapons along with the leaders of anything whatsoever, sick with their power.